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Survey 2016

[mp_row][mp_span col="12"]In November 2016 we conducted an anonymous survey among the parents of children enrolled in the school. Each parent received a questionnaire and had the change to grade the performance of the school and the  quality of the programs. Each question on the survey could score anything from 0 (lowest score)to 10 (highest score). Questions regarding the quality of…
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Books for fourth grade

List of books for reading for future second grade students Books from Bulgarian authors: 1. „Аз съм българче“, стихотворения за деца - Иван Вазов 2. „Деца играят вън“ - Георги Данаилов 3. „Ян Бибиян“ и „Ян Бибиян на луната“ - Елин Пелин 4. „Паркът на призраците“ – Златко Енев 5. „Приключенията на Туфо Рижия пират“…
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