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Botev Academy is a Bulgarian school located in Washington, DC metropolitan area, which provides an environment for children to learn Bulgarian language, history, traditions, folklore, and culture.

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The curriculum is customized to the language proficiency level of our students and includes classes in Bulgarian language, reading and writing, literature, history, geography of Bulgaria, traditions and folklore.

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The parents of our students have given us their vote of confidence through their reviews and testimonials.

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  • Bulgaria in Our Hearts
    “Bulgaria in Our Hearts" is a competition, sponsored by the Bulgarian language School Hristo Botev Academy, in Washington, DC area, aiming to establish and uplift the knowledge for Bulgaria as well as to accelerate the motivation of students for higher results. Awards total of $1,600 First Place $1,000 grant to be deposited in a…
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  • Back to Bulgaria
    На 12 април, 2015 г. всеки посетител на театъра, който се проведе в залата на училището, имаше възможност да гласува за една картина. Майкъл Лазаров от пети клас спечели убедително първото място с 29 гласа, а Коцето Калки лично му връчи наградата - комплект боички! Тук предлагаме синтезирано мнението на педагогическия колектив за…
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