Oral Hygiene for Our Children

May 31st was an interesting day for the students from the Bulgarian Language School "Botev Academy" They participated in oral hygiene lecture presented by the pediatric dentist Dr. Natalia Chalmers.

Fun games and puzzles helped children learned how teeth are structured and which food can damage them.

The lecture enriched students' vocabulary. They learned new words like: bacteria, enamel, dentin, gums, blood vessels, jaw and many others. For those of you who are wondering what is under the gum tissue, Antoan will tell you - bone ...

Students demonstrated their skills to brush teeth on models and toys. These guys were great.

Our children surprised Dr. Natalia with their knowledge of the teeth of various animal species and described how animals "care" for them.


Dr. Chalmers gladly answered questions related to oral hygiene, then gifted the children with Toothbrush Take Home Kits.

Thank you Dr. Chalmers.

Text and pictures: Miriana Simova

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