In November 2016 we conducted an anonymous survey among the parents of children enrolled in the school. Each parent received a questionnaire and had the change to grade the performance of the school and the  quality of the programs. Each question on the survey could score anything from 0 (lowest score)to 10 (highest score).

Questions regarding the quality of the school and the school program

Average score from 26 responses

1. To what extend  your child(ren) is/are enjoying going to the Bulgarian school?


2. How satisfied are you with the school overall this year?


3.Children demonstrate progress in learning Bulgarian language?


4. The material is explained clearly


5. The instruction is at the right level for my child


6. As a parent, I know what I need to do to help my child progress


7. I am satisfied with the teacher  



Questions regarding the Bulgarian folk dance classes for children

Average score from 18 responses

1. The class is engaging for the children


2. The children demonstrate progress


3. The subject is relayed in a clear and easy to understand manner


4. The instruction is at the right level for my child  


5. I am satisfied with the teacher



What do you like in Botev Academy and would like to remain?

  • Teachers

  • The board of Directors

  • Excellent organization

  • Quite atmosphere

  • The school environment

  • Caring for students

  • Enthusiasm Concerts and other cultural events

  • Folklore dances