Margarita Dimitrova
Margarita Dimitrova Is A Member Of The Jury For The “With Bulgaria In Our Hearts” Contest

The professional career of Ms. Margarita Dimitrova is coherent with the nature and the children because of her love for Mother Earth and her creatures. Her life’s credo is teaching the young generation to love and preserve the nature and its phenomena. Currently Ms. Dimitrova is a science teacher in Maryland. Before that she worked as a teacher in Washington DC, Beijing China, Kiev Ukraine, and Stara Zagora Bulgaria. Before her teaching career she was a prognosis agronomist at the Plant Protection Station and a specialist of purchase and exports of herbs at Central Cooperative Union, Sofia.

Ms. Dimitrova graduated Agricultural University, Plovdiv, with a degree in Viticulture and Horticulture and Faculty of Biology at Sofia University with a degree in Pedagogy, recognized in the U.S.A. as BS in Agronomy and MS in Education in Biology and Chemistry. She received a number of professional certificates – from Royamond Process, sponsored by Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg; from Regional Ecology Center in Budapest, from the Department of UNESCO at Sofia University and others. In the United States she obtained MA in culture, ecology and sustainable communities at the New College of CA and the first Green MBA ат the Dominican University.

Her knowledge and experience as an agronomist in Bulgaria were the base for establishing extracurricular and summer programs like the workshop Herbalist at V. Levsky School in Stara Zagora, Health through Nature at the Center of Young technicians and agrobiologists, Sofia, and Carmel Foundation. She was educating the students of the medicinal herbs values both in the classroom and in the nature. The students at the center of Young technicians and agrobiologists were conducting scientific experiments for ecologically grown fruits and vegetables. Her students won the Golden medal of the XV National exhibition of the Scientific and Technical Creativity of Youth in Plovdiv in 1989 and first places of the Regional and National Review of Scientific and Technical Creativity of Youth for 1990 and 1991. As a specialist in herbology and first eco-agronomist she had numerous interviews in Radio Stara Zagora.

In the U.S.A. Ms. Dimitrova incorporates her biology lectures with establishing school gardens funded by grants awarded by nongovernment organizations. In Phoebe Hearst and YSC Schools she initiated the first science programs and introduced the first science programs as well as the first science fairs.

In Beijing Ms. Dimitrova taught AP biology and AP environmental science for an American program in the elite Chinese school „School #4“. Under her leadership Beijing Normal University established the first school ecological program for eco-teaching in China from 1st to 12th grades. On Saturdays Ms. Dimitrova taught Bulgarian language and natural science in the Bulgarian School at the Bulgarian Embassy in Beijing. For her exceptional activities Ms. Dimitrova was selected for a woman of May 2013 by the biggest women’s magazine „Women of China”.